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In Africa, almost 90% of all general, hazardous, and unclassified waste end up in landfills. This has negative impacts on people’s health and on the environment. How to reverse this situation? A #circulareconomy can be the answer.        Learn more!♻️

Reducing #GHG emissions and improving the resilience and adaptive capacity of societies to the harmful impacts of #ClimateChange require significant financial resources.🌳💸 Learn from this 45-minute e-tutorial how countries can prospect these funds⬇️…

If we are to limit the rise in temperatures that fuels the #climatecrisis , we need to move towards a #circulareconomy . Interested in learning more?  Take our latest e-course today!♻️ @UNEP @environmentza @EcoMetrixAfrica @switchafrica @UNITAR

Today is #InternationalDayofAwarenessofFoodLossandWaste . Did you know that... 🧐 🔵 1/3 of all the #food we produce globally is thrown away? 🔵 1 in 10 people is undernourished (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), 2018)? 👉…

Have you tried out the new Climate QUIZ? In less than 10 minutes you can find out what you already know about #ClimateChange and what you can do to start taking climate action! It's free It's easy and  It's fun! Try it out now 👉

The Integrating Climate Risk Information into NAPs, developed in partnership with  @WMO , the Global Framework for Climate Services and  @UNITAR , unveils important answers on how to use, manage and address #climatechange information. ⬇️…

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